Photo: Lexie Spiegelreflexie
Photo: Lexie Spiegelreflexie


Date of birth: 27-10-1987

Nationality: Dutch 

Home "mountain": Amsterdam

Study: Research Masters Cognitive Neuropsychology and Clinical Neuropsychology, VU university Amsterdam (2013-2015)

Profession now: Running her company. Combining her interests in freeride skiing & psychology. Public speaking, coaching, workshops & skitrips for change makers. 

Profession past: Professional freeride skier & owner "Catering het Kookstel"

Dear visitors, 

Thank you for visiting my website. 

After my studies I discovered that I was free as a bird and it was my time to do what I wanted to do the most: skiing! Everybody asked me why I didn't do anything with my studies. Besides skiing I started my own catering business, This combination seems to be perfect. Catering, mostly weddings, in summer and freeride skiing in winter. The people around me started to understand more and more.

I became Dutch Freeride champion in January 2015 which gave me confidence for doing international freeride competitions (Freeride World Qualifiers). I had a very good first season (2014-2015) and I decided to go for it!

I discovered that skiing competitions and running a successful catering business didn't serve me anymore. It didn't make my happy in the end. Therefore I decided to stop both this year. It didn't fulfill me completely. The choice was continuing or stopping. I know if I continued the show a would have a wake up call. I didn't want that. Unfortunately didn't had other work and I didn't had time to seek for other opportunities. It scared me but I trusted that things will come on my path that needs to come. Life unfolded something beautiful. I made a journey into myself. I visited different life coaches. I'm closer to what I want in life and my mission in life.   I want to serve people. I become very happy if I can support others to live there dreams. I do this by one on one coaching, workshops and motivational talks. I combine freeride skiing and psychology. I'm very happy at the moment, so probably I do something good!

A big dream is to change the school system. That children can be thereselves and got to know there selfs from the start. Support children to live purely, follow there hart and not getting interrupted by the system.    

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If we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others
— Marianne Williamson