One Day Retreat with Tijn Vuijk
10:00 AM10:00

One Day Retreat with Tijn Vuijk

On Sunday August 19 I host another One Day Retreat near Amsterdam. 

A day to get in touch with yourself, a day for deep relaxation and self discovery. What we will do to connect? Breathing session, yoga, singing bowl meditation, journaling, intuitive writing and more. 

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Leadership mountain trail
9:30 PM21:30

Leadership mountain trail


The Leadership Mountain Trail is a journey designed for people who are looking for a totally different experience to personal development. The holistic approach of the trail focusses on both physical, mental and spiritual development (note: the physical part will focus on walking and feeling  and not on running and burpees). Together with 12 likeminded people the trail will take you on a 6 day journey through the mountains of Macedonia. You will be challenged, you will experience intense calmness and peace, you will become aware of what is really important in your life. The  trail is for people who:

  • Want a more clear sense of purpose
  • Are always busy and in need of inner peace and reflection
  • Are ready for a next step in their life (personal and/or career)
  • Want to get out of their comfort zone
  • Have the feeling that they can get more out of life




  • Initiation: intake session with coaches, meditation practice, preparatory task
  • Expedition: 6 day trail trough the Macedonian mountains, group sessions, meditation, writing and vizualisation
  • Integration: collective return workshop after 4 weeks to reconnect as a group and ensure results will last in daily life 
  • Up to 12 people per group. Always 2 coaches
  • Exclusive location in Macedonian nature
  • No results, no pay

How to get in? Very simple: send me an email with your detailed motivation to:

In coorporation with Dirk Schrijver, Derk Egeler and Roderick Kasteel 

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